Thursday, January 17, 2019
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PO “Royal Lion”

Today, in the time of great changes, returning to the origins of Ukrainian culture, we raise the sails of our creative ship, allowing it to enter the open sea with a push of the wind of change. PO “Royal Lion” is not a goal, but an instrument that helps to achieve the goal. The goal has always been and will be Ukrainian culture. It is a public organization whose aim is to unite the cultural heritage of our distant ancestors, taking advantage of the experience of our foreign partners and modern trends in Ukrainian culture, on the basis of this to create something completely new. This is not a cliché: “the revival of Ukrainian culture” is the art of creating something new without fear of experimenting and turning to its roots. PO “Royal Lion” creates, promotes and supports various cultural and social projects, regardless of their direction and target audience, because art does not recognize bias, quirk or certain standards. The only standard of art is its invaluable and inaccessible. We strive to open the door to the world of beauty to all who desire, and as a result – to popularize art among the Ukrainian population. We would like to use the benefits of civilization that we have received from our ancestors, but remains an open question that we leave for ourselves, our descendants. Let us recall the depth of folk wisdom left by us to the ancient Latins: “Ars longa, vita bravis”, which means: “Life is short, eternal art”

The main purpose of the organization:

• National patriotic education, cultural, artistic and spiritual revival of Ukrainian youth and community of the city;  

• popularization of the brass, vocal and choreographic heritage of domestic and world culture;

Tasks of the organization:


• musical provision of festive and city events;

• creation of concert programs, musical, vocal, choreographic productions, as well as participation in various sights;

• Organization of music festivals, contests and other entertainment events:

• development of modern spiritual music and other types of musical art, organization of touring activities:

• cultural and educational activities, propaganda of Ukrainian musical art and folklore;

• the revival of ancient folk ceremonies and traditions;

Our Projects

Festival of Brass Orchestras and Majorets "Royal Lion"